Japanese culture nurtured by bamboo

We Japanese have at least 3000 years history of life with bamboo crafts. It is proved by excavated artifact from the remains of Jomon period.

Bamboo crafts have been used for a wide variety of purposes due to supple but strong nature. It's a gift from nature and indispensable for traditional Japanese culture and people's lives.

Agriculture and fishing

Due to it's light and highly processable characteristics, back basket or waist basket used for harvesting crops and fishing creels, etc. are crafted.

Construction material

Traditional  houses needed bamboo for inside walls which controls cold, heat, humidity, etc. and worked well for the climate of Japan. Bamboo lumber, which is robust and has high thermal conductivity, is still used as a residential material such as flooring.                                                     

Daily necessities

Not only baskets and vases, but also for tea ceremony and flower arrangement tools are crafted and these are indispensable for distinctive Japanese culture.

musical instruments

Flutes and shakuhachi are representative products.


Bamboo swords and bows.

Citation source : Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan       

( https://www.maff.go.jp/j/use/link.html )