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Tiny stylish box fits for various purposes.  


Diameter (the largest part) : around 14.3cm,

Height : around 10.0cm, 

 *Size may be different a bit due to handcrafted product. 


You can enjoy change of beauty, serenity, distinctive texture and glossy color over ages.

This is handcrafted by Japanese traditional method "STSZ" which is authorized as one of traditional Japanese handcrafts by government.


Craft is handcrafted one by one so it sometimes takes time to be delivered to customers.

Crafts should be regarded as something which is living and breathing. 

Dust should be removed by soft brush and stains would be wiped by squeezed wet cloth.

Please do not wash the product by water.

The serene and classical beauty of craft will be enhanced when it is placed at well-ventilated dry areas. 

Only craft is delivered.

Other than craft on photos are not included in price.