2000 years ago or before (Yayoi period)

Suruga is region about 180km west of Tokyo and has rich and high quality bamboo forests historically. Toro ruins in the region proved the origin of bamboo crafts such as  baskets and sieves started at least 2000 years ago.

In 1600-1868 (Edo period)

Suruga region became popular for high quality bamboo crafts. Woven hat and insect cages were representative souvenirs among feudal lords traveling between Kyoto and Tokyo.

In 1840

Unique and distinctive bamboo craft technique now available as 'Suruga Take Sensuji Zaiku' launched by Ichiga Suganuma. In other words, history of Round Stick Bamboo as a raw material started.  

In 1873

Crafts were introduced and came into spotlight at international exhibition held in Vienna.

In 1976

It was officially designated as a "traditional craft of Japan" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

In 2017

STSZ craft was presented to their Majesties the King Felipe VI and the Queen Letiziathe of Spain when they visited Shizuoka city. 

In 2021 

Ornament "Insect cage" was selected as a commemorative gift for IOC members, heads of state and national officials who came for Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games.